Frequently Asked Questions

The most common case for the shield flipping up is usually a result of the shield being removed or changed and then re-installed improperly.  The way to verify this is to check to make certain that the shield tab is under the channel on the shield based plate, see our Helmet Tech section.
If the tab is in fact under the channel (on both sides) then there is a possibility that the actual base plate position needs to be adjusted.  By loosening the base plate screws and then moving both base plates backward will increase the closed tension between the shield and the eye port gasket increasing the strength of the shield in full closed position.  Please be sure not to over tighten the base plate screws.

HJC America only has the resources to maintain its professional-level sponsorship program. For regional and amateur sponsorship, please send a resume to race@hjchelmets.com

Please refer to “Proper Fit” in Helmet Tech.

Please visit Snell Foundation for more information.

Please visit Department of Transportation for more information.

No. HJCHELMETS.COM is an only portfolio of HJC product and information only. To buy any HJC products, please visit your local authorized HJC dealer.

Since 1995, all HJC models come with a small model identification sticker. On our graphic models, the model name can be found incorporated into the graphic. Please note, HJC helmet models are designated by a letter and number series (CL-14, AC-X2, etc.) Names such as Shifter, Vapor, Yikes identify the graphic only. Exceptions include: Symax = model name, CS-Air = model name, CL-Max = model name, MB-II = graphic name for CL-17.

Please contact your nearest authorized HJC Dealer.  For information about dealers in your area, please contact one of our distributors.

HJC extends three years warranty to the purchaser of HJC helmets and five years warranty to the purchase of RPHA helmets that the helmet is free of defects in materials and workmanship. Please check out our policy section to find out more about how our warranty works.

Please check more information on the warranty page.

HJC Helmets are constructed with the best materials available to offer you a long-lasting product. However, due to the fact that helmets are used in a wide variety of conditions, it is impossible to specify an exact product life span. Due to UV damage, adhesive and component aging, and other, HJC recommends changing a helmet every 3 to 5 years.

Please e-mail your request to support@hjchelmets. Be sure to include your name, address, and the number of catalogs you need. You can also call us at 562-407-2186 to request a catalog.

Most HJC graphics come in a variety of colors, they are identified by our MC color system as follows:
MC1 (primarily red)
MC2 (primarily blue)
MC3 (primarily yellow)
MC4 (primarily green)
MC5 (primarily black)
MC6 (primarily bright orange)
MC7 (primarily dull orange)
MC8 (primarily pink)
MC9 (primarily gold)
MC10 (primarily white)

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Call us at 562-407-2186 or you can email us at support@hjchelmets.com